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Services Provided

Our services essentially focus on helping people resolve problems they are experiencing relating to building matters, be they relating to their own property or relating to a neighbouring property affecting them. 

Examples of typical services are:

  • Assisting property owners in a Strata Plan in having maintenance works undertaken by the Owners Corporation or another Lot Owner where there may be some disagreement between parties as to the need or responsibilities for such works.

  • Assisting homeowners deal with a building project on a neighbouring property when the homeowner is adversely affected by the neighbouring project.  This may be in the planning (DA) stage where the design will affect the homeowner or during construction phase where the builder may not be complying with the conditions of the approval.

  • Resolving disputes between homeowners and a builders or tradespersons on work that has been undertaken on their home.

  • Management of complex building works that might involve multiple property owners or access to adjoining properties eg boundary retaining walls, shared sewer lines, tree roots damage, unapproved works.

  • Assisting in any situations relating to building where you feel hamstrung with bureaucracy or regulation, not getting value from your builder or tradesperson, not listened to by those who should be listening or forced to accept a situation you feel is unfair.

  • Preparations for NCAT submissions and assisting where legal input is required.

Services are primarily for owners in residential building sector due to the high demand for assistance in this area.  Services for commercial owners may also be available depending on the nature of the job.

Services We Don’t Provide

We don’t provide legal services. If the problem cannot be resolved using our services, there may be a need to escalate to legal assistance to achieve a resolution.  Should this occur, the work that we would have completed prior to this point will provide an important background on the problem and provide a basis for briefing a lawyer to move towards a legal solution, if the client so wishes. We can recommend suitable legal professionals.

We don’t provide specialized technical expert advice.  We provide general building advice.  For complex technical issues, we may recommend engaging separate expert advice to support the case.

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